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It began in Africa


Ich Bin ein Berliner


For Auction sites


For bike sites or dykes


For sites that nobody ever really reads!


For bookstores, publishers, critics


Enhance your online store


For vultures


Share how to point and press a button


Diplomatic Immunity


Make up a career. Nobody checks anyway


Put up your resume


For hiring sweatshop slaves in India


For sandwich enthusiasts


For hyperactive websites that cant stay still


Build the best website or skyscraper


For the corporate greedy to control their slaves


For cadavers


For rich bastards


A directory for a directory


For people like me


For pretty picures of Turbans


Stay in touch with millions of spammers


For Star Trek Fans


Show us your what you got


Sell your house on the internet. Yeah right


Fighters or Man Chu


A people that cant spell Football


Overpriced paint applied on a canvas


Horse in the mouth


Photoshop bombers


For Dogs and blind people


Anyone who think they are smart and know it


For people who like to hold hands


Is where the heart his


Only for important people


Only for important and rich people


Sith Ifrica


Where my wife should be now


Since when did New Zealand get computers


Grow something


For bright sparks


Another one only for important people


No sex sites please. We are British


Out of most peoples league


Eat, Drink be Merry


1 2 3 4


The big Apple


No idea what this is for


Get on line


More pictures on the internet


Whatís the difference


For Panthers


For people that like to show a bit of ass crack


For disaster


More reviews that nobody reads


German Ruhrgebiet Ė Donít mention the war


Iím too sexy for this domain name


Where all women spend their internet time at


Women once again will love these


For the lonely desperados with nothing to lose


A site for a site


Look at me. Look at me


More gadgets that we donít need


Ill give you a hot tip.




Hispanic and Latino businesses.


For rich people with nothing else to do with their money


Jesus road


To the bottom of the internet


This might replace .COM one day. Probably not


Small penisí ?


For people that like to update lies for fun.